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Portrait of Pirates One Piece “Playback Memories” Nami

Portrait of Pirates One Piece “Playback Memories” Nami

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The fourth figure to join the "Playback Memories" Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE series! A special figure series that features figures of characters from the episodes of the past! The latest character to join is the thief who specialized in robbing pirates, Nami!

The figure captures Nami back when her hair was still short and before she had the Log Pose or Clima-Tact. The figure has been sculpted by the same sculptor who created Bell-mère from the same series and features the same intricate quality.

She also comes with an interchangeable face and arm part allowing her to be displayed winking with her hand up in a memorable pose from the series!

Product Details

Manufacturer: Megahouse
US Release Month: Jul-21
Material: PVC
Height Appx.: 230mm WINDOW BOX
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