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Mighty Jaxx Transformers X Quiccs: Bumblebee

Mighty Jaxx Transformers X Quiccs: Bumblebee

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Mighty Jaxx and Quiccs present, Bumblebee! Not to be outdone by the Decepticons at Party Night, the Autobots throw their hat in the ring with Bumblebee! Spitting the most fire robot flow, Bumblebee takes charge of the stage and shows Soundwave who is the true master of the Party Night stage. With his extra shiny metallic sheen, all eyes and ears are on Bumblebee as he commands the stage with his mic and bling. Continue the Transformers rave with the one-and-only Bumblebee!
Will the Decepticons retaliate or will they let the Autobots steal the limelight?

Product Details

Manufacturer: Mighty Jaxx
US Release Month: 21-Jun
Material: Wide Vinyl Bust
Specification: 6" Tall, 8.5" Wide
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