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Megahouse GEM Bleach- Ichimaru Gin

Megahouse GEM Bleach- Ichimaru Gin

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The BLEACH manga started back in 2001 and even now continues to inspire fans with the final chapter anime recently announced! To celebrate the 20th anniversary comes a G.E.M. figure of Gin Ichimaru!
The figure captures a specific moment in a battle scene during the Arrancar Arc. Gin is posed landing gracefully on some rocks as his white haori coat flutters around him, one sleeve torn apart but his graceful arms and detailed fingertips sculpted in stunning detail.

His iconic smile has also been captured as faithfully as possible, and he comes with two face parts to choose from! It's a figure that captures Gin's charm beautifully, so be sure to add him to your collection!

Product Details

Series: Bleach
Manufacturer: Megahouse
US Release Month:Jan-22
Material: PVC
Specification: Height Appx.: 300mm WINDOW BOX
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